Management Culture


Do you know the secret to a purposeful, positive, productive work culture? Delighted team members.

Great restaurant managers in any restaurant, no matter whether it’s a quick-service or full-service operation, have to be a fit for the culture of the restaurant. If the restaurant is a fun environment, you can’t be a stickler. If the restaurant is extremely professional, you can’t be a jokester. If the restaurant believes in incredible service, you must be geared toward delivering a wow customer service experience. You get the picture, a great manager must be a fit for the restaurant’s culture.

To ensure your managers fit your company culture, ownership MUST define core values for the restaurant. What are core values are your guiding principles as a person or shared principles when there are partners. These are deep rooted inside you. They are used to guide your business. You might not have them documented yet, but you know what they are when someone steps on one.

Ultimately, managers need the owners of the restaurant to lead the management team to be able to become and be great managers. Leaders will make sure their managers know their core values, have systems from everything in the restaurant from checklist and training to operational systems, communication tools and be willing to hold every manager accountable, no matter who they are. In other words, managers can’t be all ownership wants them to be if ownership doesn’t lead and give them the foundation to be great.

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