About Us

We have a distinct passion for food that inspires every aspect of our consulting practice. This passion is an outgrowth of nearly 40 years  or successfully helping existing and aspiring restaurants through everything from concept development, restaurant design, financial modeling, and menu ideation to marketing, training, and grand openings. We help shape and share our clients vision and joyously celebrate in their ultimate success. 

5 Stones Restaurant Consulting is fully committed to the financial success and big-picture growth of restaurateurs and business owners who compete for market share with major restaurant groups and other restaurant brands. 

5 Stones Restaurant Consulting establishes a brand presence for current and hopeful restaurateurs and business owners that facilitates credibility, sustainability, long-term sales, and measurable returns on investments.

We understand the high risk of restaurant ventures and the expanding market leverage of the restaurant industry,  5 Stones Restaurant Consulting offers consultation, experience, relationships, resources, and services that help clients to penetrate this highly competitive marketplace.

Meet the Owner

With over 28 years of experience within the restaurant industry and holding positions ranging from Training Manager to Restaurant Owner, Jesse Ovalle has been involved in every aspect  of a restaurant. Jesse has found his passion in sharing restaurant knowledge to help generate not only a profitable business, but an all-around enjoyable experience for both the guest and the employee.

Business have called on Jesse in the conception stages in creating their restaurants due to the fact that his results are proven. It is always better to start out with the right people by your side. When established restaurants have trouble crossing over critical obstacles, 28 years of experience on your side gives an upper hand.

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